1965 Jaguar E-Type SI 4.2

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Engine4.2 liter XK I6, 265 horsepower
Body Style2dr Roadster
Exterior ColorGreen
Interior ColorTan

Legend has it that Enzo Ferraricalled the E-Type “the most beautiful car ever made” when he saw it displayed for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show in 1961. Total production was 6,749 for the open two-seater with the 4.2 engine, and it sold for $5,595 new.

This 1966 Jaguar is a completely original survivor with fewer than 20,000 miles. The first owner ordered it through a Jaguar dealership in Detroit but the car was damaged on the boat during shipment from the factory. When it arrived in Detroit, the new owner had the option to either send the car back to England for a new bonnet (hood) or have it repaired at the dealership. He was so eager to drive the Jaguar that he chose to have the body damage repaired, which is why there is now a slight discoloration to the paint on the front corner of the hood. The vehicle stayed in the same family until Hagerty purchased it in 2008. It still wears its original interior, original paint and has never undergone any major mechanical work. In 2009, it received the ZZenith award, denoting preservation to the highest standard of factory originality, at the inaugural SURVIVOR Collector Car Show.

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