1930 Ford Model A

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Engine4-cyl. 200.5cid/40hp 1bbl
Body Style2dr Tudor Sedan
Exterior ColorBlue

With the philosophy that people should need nothing more than a good, simple, economical car, Henry Ford produced 5,000,000 Model As between 1928 and 1931. The Model A had four-wheel mechanical breaks and an advertised top speed of 65 mph, though 45 mph was much safer and more comfortable. Out of the 1,140,710 Model As produced in 1930, 376,271 were Tudors like this one. It weighs around 2,375 pounds and cost just $495 new.

Hagerty employee Jonathan Klinger drove this particular Model A Tudor as part of “365 Days of A.” This project had him driving a Model A every day through all four seasons as a regular use vehicle, from Oct 2010 to Oct 2011, and documenting his experience for a blog at www.365DaysOfA.com. The goal of this project was to demonstrate that early automobiles are reliable and easy to maintain. Throughout that year he logged 16,000 miles through six states and all weather extremes. This project earned the attention of several national media outlets and formed a community of 20,000 visitors to his daily blog.

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