1971 Studebaker Avanti 2

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  • ListedWed, Aug 03
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Mileage75,459 Miles
Exterior ColorGray
Interior ColorGray

Bought approximately 7 years ago from individual in South Bend, I. 1971 Studebaker Avanti 2. One of 107 made in 1971 in S. Bend, IN. Has original GML48 engine with bored over .30, performance cam. Original 3 speed automatic transmission. Replaced all 4 shocks, bell crank (steering), power steering, “hog toughs”/ torque boxes (stainless steel), newer radial tires, newer battery, front disc brake calipers, air filter, fuel filter, new window regulators, new exhaust. Almost everything works except temp gauge can be sporadic and never tried A/C, and radio doesn’t work.

We’ve owned it for approximately 8 years. All repair work receipts are available. Why selling? Storage issues.

Paint and exterior

Overall good condition. Some minor peeling of paint on hood, and small piece of fiberglass missing by front right tire and a crease over front tire wheel well. (See pics)

Used during Summer only, stored Winters.

Upholstery and interior

“Pleather” interior seating. Driver quality interior. Seatbelts (lap belts) in front seats only. Carpeted flooring.


This has been driven less than approximately 200 miles per Summer. Not sure if odometer has rolled over.


GM 3 speed automatic.

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