1970 Chrysler 300

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Mileage98,000 Miles
Engine8-cyl. 440cid/425hp 4bbl
Body Style2dr Convertible
Exterior ColorPPP custom Maroon metallic
Interior Colorwhite vinyl and black dash and carpeting

I'm the 2nd owner, the car was purchased in Las Vegas in 2001 while I was on vacation and living in Tucson Arizona. I restored and modified it in 2002. The original owner was from Vancouver Washington , which ironically is where I now currently reside. I moved here in 2015 and just happened to move in a neighborhood 5 minutes from where the original owner lived. Unfortunately he no longer lived there and so I was never able to track him down or anybody that was familiar with this car.

Upholstery and interior

Bucket seats with console... enough said.


Less than 20,000 miles driven since the rebuild and modification in 2002... That will change upon retirement in 2021.

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