1970 MG MGB

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  • ListedMon, Apr 11
  • LocationPin outlineCranston, RI


$300/yearEstimated rate for this vehicle

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Mileage80,000 Miles
Engine4-cyl. 1798cc/92hp 2x1bbl SU
Body Style2dr Roadster
Exterior ColorBritish Racing Green
Interior ColorBlack

I bought this in 2018. Came repainted with new carpeting, wood steering wheel, after-market center console, radiator, Weber carb, and electronic ignition. It also came with wheel wrench, hammer, and car cover.

Factory fitted equipment were wire wheels, heater, tonneau cover, Dunlop SP tyres, foldaway hood, cigar lighter, and ashtray.

I replaced the battery, tires, leaf springs, and drivers floor. Converted to spin on oil filer. Replaced the master cylinder, and brake slave cylinders. Fixed the speedo and fuel gauge. Bought cockpit cover, carpeted floor mats, spare tire cover, and new boot cover. Added missing seat belts.

Paint and exterior

Front right outer rocker and all fenders need rust repair. Scheduled for Fall 2022. Otherwise solid and mechanically sound.

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