1949 Ford F-1

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  • ListedFri, Mar 24
  • LocationPin outlineNew Carlisle, OH

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$256/yearEstimated rate for this vehicle

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Mileage987 Miles
Engine8-cyl. 302
Body Style2dr Pickup
Exterior ColorTwo tone tan and Brown
Interior ColorTan and brown

This impeccably restored 1949 Ford F1. A 100 year Commemorative to The Department of the Interior. This beauty is powered by a 302 engine, c4 auto transmission,9"rear end, front disk brakes, absolutely no rust, complete new bed kit, fiberglass fenders and running boards, lowered spring kit,hIt is outfitted with HVAC and power windows.

Sadly, my husband passed before we got the interior finished. Plans were for a blue tooth radio, carpet, custom headliner, kick panels and the seat reupholstered.

We built this truck over the course of eight years and have invested over $65k in resources and countless hours of manpower.

See Illustrated before photo.

Let me say, the only original part on this truck is the ashtray knob.

I’ve decided to sell it as is and let the new owner make the decisions and investment on the interior.

Please, letting this truck go is very difficult. Be kind, comments and questions are always welcome. I’m open to offers.

Paint and exterior

Impeccable paint and body work. Zero rust. Clean and solid.

Upholstery and interior

The interior is not quite complete. It will be up to the new owner to decide and be a part of it’s Journey. The seat has integrated seatbelts and would be best reupholstered. ITruck is equipped with power steering, HVAC and power windows


This is the mileage driven since the total restoration

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