1963 Ford Thunderbird

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  • ListedSat, Aug 06
  • LocationPin outlineNaches, WA


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Mileage85,000 Miles
Engine8-cyl. 390cid/300hp 4bbl
Body Style2dr Landau Coupe
Exterior ColorWhite with a whisper of blue
Interior ColorBlue

This rocket bird was a retirement gift to a Lincoln motors executive. The teller at the bank drive thru made him promise to sell it to her when he was ready. She got the car and her mechanic ask to buy it from her. My mechanic got the car, and I made him promise to sell it to me. No rust new tires seats need covered. No air (he was going to retire in Seattle but left because of the rain. I was forced into retirement last October from covid , 85% lung damage still on air. My son took this car shows and got awards. Need to sell some cars off. I may not have time to enjoy them.

Paint and exterior

Beautiful paint no dents. Under the hood is like the day it was made. no rust new wheels and tires. I have the caps and old rims if wanted. Seats need recovered, no ac, vinal top is newer with headliner. Drives well and cruises down the road nicely

Upholstery and interior

Factory OEM except radio was replace. Headliner is newer.


Retirement driver was 1st. Then bank tellers carwas 2nd. 3rd was my mechanic who had it painted and restored. Only to car shows and parades for me 4th.

Wheels and tires

New chrome and baby moons and radial tires with less than 5k on them.


new brake shoes with new drums on the front with a new master cylinder.


automatic stock



as is where is

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