1955 GMC Series 100

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Mileage62,754 Miles
Engine8-Cyl 283 Chevy Engine was rebuilt in 1988, about 85,000 miles ago.
Body Style2dr Pickup
Exterior ColorFreightliner Blue
Interior ColorBlue and black

I have a lot more info, and photos, I will try to add some later. Bought in 1972 from second owner.

Apparently the original owner had converted to 12 volt, installed a 283 with a 4-barrel Carter, and a 4-speed trans, but mostly kept it original.

I was told it's a Muncie SM-420, replaceable with a CH- 465 or similar, later model, Still runs fine.

Cruising across country, it creeps up to 70. If I hit the gas, it wants to take off, but I never wanted to go much faster.

I put an Edelbrock on it about 25 - years ago - I have all records including little notebooks of every gas fill etc. for the last 50 years.

Had it painted a couple of times, the engine rebuilt once, and have a lot of extra parts and all records.

Recently put on new tires and had the ex manifolds & headers re-done very nicely.

I have a lot of extra parts, gleaned from yards over the decades.

One of the photos shows the Roberk Junior West Coast Break-away Mirror, with the wide angle spot IN THE MIRROR, NOT STUCK ON.

Paint and exterior

Original of course was a Forest Green, but I liked the blue.

Of all the crazy colors the shop showed me, White's Frieghtliners only had about 6, nice clean colors, so I went with that one.

Upholstery and interior

When I had it professionally painted around 1984, they used a flat Corvette blue dash paint, as the original flat light green dash was.

I always wondered why the trucks I saw with re-painted dashes looked wrong - they were glossy - DIY jobs!


Original Engine: No

Like I said above, when I bought it in 1972, it had a 283 in it, and a big 4 speed on the floor, and different gearing.

Exhaust manifolds from a 55-56 Chevy 265.

I had it rebuilt around 1984, an put an Edelbrock 4-barrell on when the Carter wore out.


Bought in March, 1972, read 26,065.6 no doubt 126 k

I have changed the speedometer twice, but kept track of original vehicle miles.

Correct vehicle mileage as far as I can tell is 322,196.

Wheels and tires

15" Original Type wheels and 5 Original Hub Caps, near-new tires


Stock Shoes & Drums, new drums at some point, rebuilt brake cylinders etc. a number of times.


I was told it's a Muncie SM-420, 4-speed, including the Granny Low, replaceable with a CH- 465 or similar, later model.



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