1952 Buick Roadmaster

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Mileage42,738 Miles
Engine8-cyl. 322cid/188hp 4bbl
Body Style4dr Riviera Sedan
Exterior ColorGreen
Interior ColorTan

The Buick Roadmaster was first introduced in 1937 as a bordering on Cadillac price territory, and preferred transport for the up-and-coming professional who could not quite afford a Caddy. Buick catered to this clientele with flashy styling plus luxury and a host of novel design ideas: the famous pop-art grille, the gun-sight hood ornament, the hardtop convertible, the sweepspear, and the porthole.

In 1950-1952 Buick Roadmasters were serious automobiles, built with integrity, of a quality and durability that vanished around 1955 and has not been around since. These Buicks also represent the last, or almost the last, of the long-running overhead valve straight eight, which still pumped out creditable horsepower in the Roadmaster with V-8 power.

Paint and exterior

Re-painted to match original color, however has now faded to an ombre. New headlights makes driving at night a breeze. Few spots that need minor work on body and with re-chrome would make a great show car.

Upholstery and interior

Tan upholstered seats still in good condition. Needs new headliner and wind lace. All interior lighting and radio works, except dash clock. E-brake not working.


I drive this car all the time, very reliable, lots of power, fun to drive, gets lots of looks.

Wheels and tires

Coker white wall tires, still in good condition.


New front & rear brakes plus front wheel cylinders and new brake lines. Machined front & rear rotors.


2 speed Automatic. Recent complete transmission overhaul. Runs great!


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