1962 Triumph TR4

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Mileage0 Miles
Engine4-cyl. 2138cc w/ 105hp 2x1bbl SU sidedraft carbs with some linkage, intake & exhaust manifolds, starter, generator, fan, & radiator
Body Style2dr Roadster
Exterior ColorBlue and white
Interior ColorBlack

Nice fairly complete parts car with a really good tub, no title. Frame, motor, trans from CT7021L. Blue parts from CT7845L ownership records back to 73 (pic intentionally blurred). 64 body tub from CT34331L body number 32307 CT. Tub w/ usable floors and boot floor. LH inner fender from newer car pop riveted ready for MIG spot-welded (holes punched w/ weld-through primer) w/ good fitment. Frame measured good and straight w/ bottom rust. Missing rear end and leaf springs are rest of the rear suspension/brakes included. Engine is complete and loose, #2 intake valve broken/stuck. Trans complete w/ drive shaft. Doors complete with separate used glass open and close easily good fitment/gaps. No bumpers but most all bumper parts included. Parts included: pedal set master cylinders w/ bracket & some piping wiper sys exhaust & intake manifolds carburetors w/ part. linkage starter generator radiator w/ starter hole needs repair, complete steering and front suspension some interior parts

Paint and exterior

If you want pictures of areas not shown let me know as I likely already have them. If looking for a better car, I have a project car w/ title in separate ad with details.

Upholstery and interior

I have a vast store of new and used TR parts and may be able to assist in providing parts (including tub areas from donor cars) at a great discount under retail if new, and used parts per mutual price agreement.


Original Engine: Yes

Engine loose but problem w/ #2 intake valve stuck or broken. No noticeable damage in valve train or bottom end. I have vast store of new & used TR parts including some tub areas from donor cars.


Mileage is unknown.

Wheels and tires

Wheels are 48-spoke wire type steel wheels 4"x15" and not necessarily original to car. Wheels are mixed from unknown sources. There are 4 wire wheels. Tires will only hold air to move.


Brake pedals, master cylinder and master cylinder bracket are complete, but master cylinders are not functional. Brake piping is not complete. Calipers and discs are complete, but serviceability questionable.


The transmission is complete as pic shows and believed to be numbers match. Serviceability is not known.



There is no warranty given or implied. Car is a parts car that will need all systems fully addressed/restored prior to being made road worthy.

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