1998 Mercedes-Benz SLK 230

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Mileage300,000 Miles
Engine4-cyl. 2295cc/185hp Bosch ME-2 Supercharged. Both are all original. Still have original superchargers, alternators, water pumps, starters etc. Amazing. I use 10w/40 Mobil 1 down here where it is always pretty warm; not the recommended 0w/30.
Transmission98 5 speed auto; 99 5 speed manual (auto is faster in a drag race...)
Body Style2dr Roadster
Exterior ColorSilver
Interior ColorBlack

Combining our 2 SLK's into one. When we are not required to use our newer Benz wagon or the 93 Jeep Wrangler these are the default fun cars that do errands and day to day stuff. The 98 has nearly 300K miles and the 99 5-speed manual only has 137K. Both are major fun almost on par with the Franken B but with air conditioning, cruise control, a killer stereo and a hardtop that goes up and down at the touch of a button. Yes, I now know how to reseal or replace tiny hydraulic cylinders! I do all our servicing (gotta lift in the garage) so wear items such as suspension, trans service etc. are handled as needed or when the wife complains of poor performance. Generally bullet proof if one doesn't do stupid stuff to them. On-line support is excellent as well. Interior is an exception to the party though.

Paint and exterior

Repaint on the 98 before we bought it in 2004 for LR damage that was never on the CarFax. The 99 manual is still original. Both are 10 footers.

Upholstery and interior

Completely rebuilt the interiors of both cars to get rid of the "soft feel" coating (latex paint?) M-B stupidly used. also had to repair & reinforce all the IP / console plastic that has the strength of a saltine cracker. Big fun.


Original Engine: Yes

2.3L somewhat agricultural sounding lump that has good torque. I was always suspect of this (and the V6) but hard to argue at this point considering our experience.


Both still drive nearly new save a few squeaks with the top up in the cold.

Wheels and tires

The 98 has been upgraded to later staggered 17" optional wheels. The 99 Sport has the original AMG 17" starfish wheels with the centers refinished in charcoal.


All original.


Great auto; OK manual.

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