1968 Dodge D100

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Mileage74,000 Miles
Engine8-cyl. 318cid/210hp 2bbl
Body Style2dr Chassis & Cab
Exterior ColorGreen
Interior ColorBlack

1968 Dodge D100 Pickup Truck - The sleek "Sweptline" D100 light truck for the 1961 model year had a new styled exterior, redesigned underpinnings and some surprises under the hood. These new half-ton pickups rode on slightly longer wheelbases than their circa-1950s predecessors. The frame rails of the new Dodges were also reconfigured with a dropped center and lower cab floors resulting in a seven-inch decrease in cab height, making the trucks easier for driver and passengers to slide in and out of. The "Drivemaster" cab was a full four inches wider than previous Dodge trucks, allowing the bench to span 60 inches for comfortable three-across seating. Inside, there was also a more modern-looking instrument cluster and increased glass area, all intended to make the driver's job a little easier and safer.

Paint and exterior

1968 Dodge D100 Pickup Truck

*Freshly Rebuilt 318 V8 Engine

Electric cooling fan

Steel braided radiator hoses

*Freshly Rebuilt Automatic Transmission

*New Power Steering

*New Power Steering

Vintage Air Conditioning

Power Front Disc Brakes

Upholstery and interior

New factory style original not resto mod / modificated.




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