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Colin Comer

Milwaukee, WI

Mechanic. Restorer. Collector. Writer. Racer. Pilot. Summary: 100% internal combustion focused.



Born along with the advent of low-lead fuel and low compression engines from Detroit in 1971 my love of cars began well before I could walk. Actually from birth, according to those who were there!

While many are content to read about or admire the machines they are passionate about from afar, I have never been one to be satisfied unless I am up to my elbows in grease or finding the limits of an old car's performance capabilities. Or lack thereof.

After starting by restoring my first car at 13 (an incredibly, amazingly horrifically rusty MGB/GT) I went on to various jobs as a mechanic, restorer, race car crew guy, and basically anything else that allowed me to be surrounded by cars all the time. By 1991 I had started my own part-time business restoring cars from my garage, and by 1993 I opened my own shop and soon shifted focus to restoring, buying, and selling collector cars. Over the years I've been lucky to work on an incredible roster of amazing cars but more importantly meet life-long friends as a result. As we know car people are the best kind, right?

In 2004 after a late-night email sparring match with Keith Martin (SCM) wherein I suggested they either need to learn about muscle cars or simply stop writing about them Keith offered "well if you're so smart why don't you just write our muscle car content for us?!?" Caught off guard I (perhaps foolishly) agreed. After reading my work in SCM the publisher Motorbooks (MBI) showed up at my door in 2005 with a contract to write a muscle car book in hand. Once again, foolishly, I agreed and "Million-Dollar Muscle Cars" was the result. Today I have authored six books for MBI and contributed on many others, including "Shelby Cobra Fifty Years" which Esquire called "The greatest car book of all time." I'm slightly proud of that last bit of course.

Over the years I've also written about the collector car world for publications such as the New York Times, Business Week, USA Today, and others along with frequent television appearances and seminars. I have held roles as a Contributing Editor to Road & Track Magazine, as well as being a former Editor-at-Large for Sports Car Market Magazine and American Car Collector Magazines. And, after writing as a freelancer for Hagerty since 2007, in 2018 I became a Marketplace Editor for this great company. You can read my column in every issue of Hagerty magazine as well as assorted content I write for the various Hagerty media channels such as Insider. Plus the occasional livestream event where we love to hear what you all think about whatever the topic du jour may be!

My tastes in vintage cars are quite eclectic, but my true passion are the cars of Shelby American, as evidenced by a collection that is knee-deep in original Cobras and Shelby Mustangs. When not maintaining or writing about cars I enjoy racing a wide variety of cars yet primarily the ex-Jon Gooding 1995 Roush TA Mustang. Thankfully my wife Cana, daughter Remington (named for Phil Remington), and son Briggs (named for Briggs Cunningham) also share this passion for cars and racing. Not to mention we live fifty-three miles from Road America which we freely admit is our favorite place on earth.