1976 Fiat 124

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  • ListedSat, Jun 18
  • LocationPin outlineAlpena, MI


$190/yearEstimated rate for this vehicle

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Mileage73,950 Miles
Engine4-cyl. 1756cc/86hp 2bbl
Body Style2dr Spider
Exterior ColorCopper
Interior Colorblack

This vehicle appears to be garage kept in winters. There are 2 surface rust spots in front of each rear wheel. There is some collision damage on the right rear fend. This car is a blast to drive and still turns heads!

Paint and exterior

1876 Fiat 124 Spider 5 speed manual transmission. Professionally rebuilt engine, new alternator, starter, radiator, and exhaust system

Upholstery and interior

Interior needs to be refreshed, Seat frames are in good condition


this car came with a speedometer in the car and another in the spare parts box, so mileage is a guess


5 speed manual transmission with no observed problems

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