1963 Goggomobil TS 250

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  • ListedMon, Aug 15
  • LocationPin outlineNaples, FL


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Mileage66,200 Kilometers
Body StyleCoupe
Exterior Colorwhite
Interior Colorred and ivory

I am reducing my car collection of the cars we do not actually drive. It is a lovely little car, but not suited to drive on the busy streets where we live and just sitting in our building taking up space.

This is a rare 1963 Goggomobil TS250 2 door coupe. Very few are in the USA - one is in the Lane Automobile Museum and a few in private collections.

This is an older restoration that still looks wonderful and was in a museum in the UK which is where I imported it from. An adorable Micro Car for any collection.

The car starts right up and runs great with no smoking, dripping or leaking . A fun car to take for drives or to garner all the attention at any show you take it too.

Everything is currently working just fine on it. 18 hp 2 cylinder engine with a top speed of maybe 40 mph. You can look up the Goggomobil history on Google if you choose.

As it is a 60 year old used car, it is sold as is, where is, with no warranties. The car has a clear Florida Title in my name.


Car has been restored at some point in it's life but based on the decades old paperwork I received from the seller, it appears to be accurate



This is a 60 year old car sold as is, where is with no warranties

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