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The Car Barn Garage

Carver, MN

Please join me and I'll share a collection built out of a love for nostalgia, a medium of art, and a passion for driving



I think that I have always been interested in the machines that took us places- I built model cars, rockets, planes, and played with electric trains. I would visit my mother once a year, who at the time was a mechanic and would have me working in the shop doing whatever dirty work you could make a kid do- like packing grease into Ford Pinto wheel bearings. This is also when I learned how it all worked- how air, fuel, and spark turned into rotational energy, and all the other systems that gave life to metal, rubber, plastic and glass.  She also had 10 cars parked in her yard from the customers who didn’t pay. So having a parking lot of cars was normalized for me... and over time I have built an eclectic collection of go fast, classic, and a few cars that might make you question the owner. My kids certainly do. I will endeavor to periodically add new vehicles from my collection with the stories behind them.