1902 Ford "999" Race Car

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Henry Ford hired a fearless bicycle racer named Barney Oldfield to drive "999." Although he had never driven a car, Oldfield not only mastered it but also won his first competition. He went on to become America's first nationally famous racing hero, known for his thrilling exhibition races and the trademark cigar he chewed to protect his teeth in a crash.

Winner of five-mile race against Alexander Winton and two other drivers at Grosse Pointe, Michigan, 1902. Driver: Barney Oldfield.

Built by Henry Ford, assisted by C.H. Wills and E.S. Huff at 81 Park Place, Detroit, Michigan.


Inline-4, atmospheric intake valves and mechanical exhaust valves, 1156 cubic inches

Wheels and tires

Wheelbase: 117 inches


None, in-and-out clutch

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