1956 Chrysler 300-B

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Mercury Marine founder Carl Kiekhaefer formed his NASCAR team with top drivers, first-class equipment, and fast cars like this powerful Chrysler 300-B. Kiekhaefer taught rivals a lesson, dominating the 1955 and 1956 seasons. But he learned something too: success breeds contempt. When fans began to resent Kiekhaefer's dominance, he disbanded the team in 1957.

It's impossible to say which races this car won in 1956 because the team didn't keep track of wins by particular cars. Overall, the Kiekhaefer Chryslers won 22 of 41 races in 1956.

Made by Chrysler Corporation, Highland Park, Michigan, modified under the direction of NASCAR team owner Carl Kiekhaefer.


V-8, overhead valves, 354 cubic inches

Wheels and tires

Wheelbase: 126 inches

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