1906 Locomobile "Old 16"

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In 1908, George Robertson drove this car to victory in the Vanderbilt Cup, America's first great automobile race. It was the first time an American car won a major international road race in the United States. The Locomobile competed while wearing race number 16, and it's been known as "Old 16" ever since.

Won the 1906 Elimination Race for American cars to qualify for the Vanderbilt Cup. Set the fastest lap during the 1906 Vanderbilt race. Won the 1908 Vanderbilt race and set the fastest lap.

Designed by Andrew L. Riker; manufactured by the Locomobile Company of America, Bridgeport, Connecticut.


Locomobile inline-4, F-head valves, 990 cubic inches

Wheels and tires

Wheelbase: 110 inches


3-speed manaul

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