2011 Audi A4

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  • ListedSat, Aug 13
  • LocationPin outlineHenderson, NV


$460/yearEstimated rate for this vehicle

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Mileage39,165 Miles
Engine4-cyl. 1984cc/211hp TFSI
Body Style4dr Sedan
Exterior ColorTeak Brown Metallic
Interior ColorGreat condition! tan leather seats

Original owner, driven very little, has been garaged all the time, excellent condition

Paint and exterior

Car is in excellent condition, maintenance records kept up, garaged and very, very low mileage!

Upholstery and interior

4 door sedan, has all the bells and whistles, brand new tires, 4 cylinder with turbo charged engine


This has been more of a week-end drive car, and has been well cared for

Wheels and tires

17" Alloy Wheels - Tires are Pirellis 225/50 all-season tires


Automatic brake disc wiping


Eight-speed Tiptronic transmission

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