1919 Ford Model T

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  • ListedWed, Jul 27
  • LocationPin outlineVirginia Beach, VA


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Mileage2,400 Miles
Engine396 ci Tunnel Ram w/2 Edelbrock 4 bbl, mild cam
Body StyleC cab
Exterior ColorRed
Interior ColorBlack

This all steel 1919 Ford C cab was a 10 year build by Gary Staples. He was so talented that the entire vehicle was custom made from the chassis, steering column, brake assembly and dashboard. The detail in this car goes beyond expectation.

It started as Gary's dream and ended a fantasy. Gary passed away while building his dream car. He finished 99% and left some minor details.

I call it Santa's Sled because every December for the last 8 years my wife and I would dress up as Santa and his Elf and deliver presents to sheltered children.

Because of problems we have, we're selling and someone is going to have an incredible car.

Paint and exterior

Custom painted by Fred McWilliams

Upholstery and interior

Custom black interior with a red T sown in.


The car has been driven to shows and parades. In 2021 Coastal Auto Show of Virginia, this car won Outstanding Build.

All trophies, pictures of the entire build and documents will go to the purchaser. ( The entire build is documented with pictures)


Automatic 3 Speed Turbo-Hydramatic GM 350 with shift kit


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