1984 Porsche 911

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  • ListedFri, Jul 01
  • LocationPin outlineLouisville, KY


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Mileage127,000 Miles
Engine6-cyl. 3165cc/200hp Bosch Motronic FI
Body Style2dr Targa
Exterior ColorGuards Red
Interior ColorTan and black

Car is in great shape. I've been cleaning, fixing and upgrading since I bought it in 2014. It has Rennline triple strut brace, front and rear mono balls and battery tray with Odyssey battery. The exhaust is M and K SS cat delete and one in one out. Steve Wong chip to match. The whole suspension was removed, cleaned, powder coated and upgraded with elephant racing torsion bars and all bushings. Sway bars were replaced with 97 model stock and adjustable ends. Shocks and struts were replaced with upgraded Bilsteins. Rear seats were removed and a roll cage with fire extinguisher was added. I have all the original parts


I've put a couple hundred miles a year on this ride since I bought it in 2014

Wheels and tires

Sport Continental's with 1000 miles on them


Stock in great shape with new SS brake lines


I rebuilt the shifter and linkage. I also adjusted the clutch. Shifts good for a 915

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