1979 Chrysler 300

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  • ListedFri, Apr 29
  • LocationPin outlineSchaghticoke, NY


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Mileage127,000 Miles
Exterior ColorWhite
Interior ColorRed

1979 Chrysler 300. One-year only model, less than 4,000 made. 360, automatic, power windows. Very solid. Nice paint. T-tops that don't leak. All trim present, plus spare grille, mirrors, other parts.

On road, runs and drives very well. Motor has a Lunati cam (lopey idle), headers, Holley carb, full dual exhaust with x-pipe. 3.23 Sure Grip rear recently serviced.

Floor shift car, has shift kit in trans. New Cooper tires on cop wheels, also has full set of original wheels with lousy tires. New K-frame with poly bushings.

Interior is kinda lousy. Front seats cracked, ripped. Rear seats ok, but leather is very dry. Rear carpet gone. Radio gone. Heater core disconnected, but blower works. Wiper linkage not hooked up.

Not a perfect car, but a fun cruiser. Trades considered for other driver classics.

Paint and exterior

Decent paint, a few cracks behind t-tops.

Upholstery and interior

Rough inside.


Floor shifter

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