1988 Chevrolet Corvette

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  • ListedWed, Apr 27
  • LocationPin outlineCentral, SC


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Mileage179,620 Miles
Engine8-cyl. 350ci/0hp FI
Body Style2dr Hatchback
Exterior Colorwine
Interior ColorTan with black corvette mats

Car has character all its own. I bought the car from the original owner, who had to sell due to personal reasons.

Love driving the car because you can feel the power under your fingertips. Only 180K miles, which I have put only 3K on the car since 2018. The tinted targa top has the sky following you to your destination. I keep the car under a shelter and a car cover, which comes with the vehicle. I smile every time I am in the car. I am sure you will too.

Paint and exterior

Wine with stock tan interior, power windows, radio with cassette player

Targa glass top

Leather seats

4+3 manual transmission

Rectangular exhaust pipes

180K miles

New master cylinder

Bought from original owner in 2018

Upholstery and interior

Stock tan interior with leather seats


It had ~177K miles on it in 2018. I have put about 3K since then.


4+3 manual transmission



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