Better coverage built for classics.

Better coverage built for classics at a price you can afford.

Meet Lauren, Hagerty Field Representative for Southern California

Lauren Gusler, Southern California

I’m a Territory Manager here at Hagerty, helping to provide drivers with classic car insurance in Southern California. I started my career with Hagerty in 2012 as a Sales Agent in Traverse City, MI. I love history, cars and finding creative solutions for my clients, so working at Hagerty was a perfect fit. My love of classics was ignited when I was 9 years old and saw a gorgeous red ’69 Corvette Stingray Convertible in my church parking lot. Thankfully, the owner of the car took the time to tell me everything about the Corvette and took me for rides rather than being overprotective of his car. From there, I learned to drive a stick in my Mom’s VW Beetle and have been a car gal ever since. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Foreign Languages and also speak Spanish. I live in Orange County and enjoy ballroom dancing, wine tasting and volunteering in my community in my free time.

What is unique about the hobby in your territory?

In Southern California, "car show season" never stops and collectors can drive all year round. We love not having snow to slow us down.

Life is too short to drive boring cars"Source unknown

Why Hagerty? What excites you about what we do?

I love working with car people. They are the best! I find that the people who love cars can appreciate the finer things in life and take care of their toys, but they sure know how to have fun and turn any gathering into a good time. There is something about this hobby that keeps you young.

Favorite car event of the year

Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show at Boys Republic in Chino Hills, CA