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Better coverage built for classics at a price you can afford.

Meet Jestin, Hagerty Field Representative for Ohio and Indiana

Jestin Davis, Ohio and Indiana

I’m a Senior Regional Territory Manager here at Hagerty, helping to connect people with classic car insurance in Ohio and Indiana. I developed an appreciation for classic cars at an early age, as I grew up with my dad always working on cars and going to local car shows. In high school, I drove a 1971 Chevy C10 Pickup that my dad and I did some restoration work on. I worked as a financial advisor for four years after I attended college in Ohio, and decided that I wanted to change paths about a year before our son was born. Hagerty was the first place I looked. I always used the Valuation Tools to print reports for my clients who owned classic cars and I already had a great appreciation for the company. Working for Hagerty has been the most fun and rewarding job I’ve ever had. I’ve worked with local collectors and agents for over two years now and I continue to love every minute of it!

What is unique about the hobby in your territory?

Both in Ohio and Indiana, there is a rich automobile history and that shows through at all the shows, clubs, museums, and events that take place each year.

The Jeep, the Dakota airplane, and the landing craft were the three tools that won the war."- General Dwight Eisenhower

Why Hagerty? What excites you about what we do?

I love that we are a resource for our clients. They know that they can turn to us for anything they need car-related and we will be there to help and support them.

Favorite car event of the year

Put In Bay Road Race Reunion