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Meet Jeff, Hagerty Field Representative for Wisconsin and Illinois

Jeff Jagusch, Wisconsin and Illinois

As a Regional Territory Manager for Hagerty, I help to provide automotive enthusiasts with collector vehicle insurance in Wisconsin and Illinois. I am a die-hard car nerd in every aspect of the word and in many different categories. My Dad was involved with vintage racing and other classic automotive things since before I was born, so it is naturally in my blood. I always tell people I’ve been going to vintage races since before I could walk, as my mom would bring me to observe as a baby! I vintage race a 1970 Datsun 1200 that I helped build with my father, and I also have a little Austin Healey Sprite (my first classic) that I putter around in when the weather is nice. The coolest part of my job is getting to meet every caliber of car guy or girl. I get to meet the first-time collector on a strict budget to the high dollar investor picking out what perfects his collection like a work of art.

What is unique about the hobby in your territory?

Being in the Midwest, the hobby season tends to have a shorter window based on the weather. This makes the hobby unique here as you can really only drive you cars between 3-4 months throughout the year. If you are not familiar with this, some might think that is miserable. Those that live in Wisconsin and Illinois, however, are that much more excited to get their cars out and tend to engage in the hobby a lot more while they can. Club activities still happen when it is snowing, so you can still be involved year round. Once spring rolls around, you get that extremely excited feeling that you can take your cars out and have fun!

If I had all the money I’d ever spent on cars, I’d spend it on cars."– Scott Fisher

Why Hagerty? What excites you about what we do?

Working at Hagerty is incredible. What a lot of people on the outside don’t have the opportunity to see is the tight-knit culture within the walls of Hagerty amongst our employees! Everyone has a certain passion with what they do and it all surrounds us, making sure our clients’ cars (AKA their babies) are covered and safe! Hagerty’s mission is to provide better care and value for anyone with a connection to the collector car hobby. Getting the word out about this is what excites me the most!

Favorite car event of the year

This is tough. I might break the rules of the question and say I have two, but they are two different categories. My favorite event to attend personally is The Hawk at Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. This is one of the biggest vintage racing events I’ve ever attended and the cool part about it is that Friday night when the last race is done, cars line up to drive on public roads (police escorted of course) to park downtown where the original track route was. It is a huge car show and even bigger party. Another great show here in June is the British Car Field Days. I’ve always had a strange draw to British cars, and at this show you will see literal fields of them! A must-see for the British car enthusiast.