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Meet Erik, Hagerty Field Representative for Colorado

Erik Bergman, Colorado

I’m a Senior Regional Territory Manager here at Hagerty, helping to provide drivers with classic car insurance in Colorado. I was born in Milwaukee, WI and lived in the region for 21 years. I graduated from Winona State University in Winona, MN, with a BA in Business/Marketing. In 2003, I moved to Colorado to be closer to the mountains. I’m married with two little girls and currently live in Thornton, Colorado. My hobbies include mountain biking, motorcycle touring, dirt biking, snowmobiling, camping, snowboarding, and of course anything car-related.

I grew up attending car shows and working on old cars with friends and family. I’ve always loved the hobby and being able to work with people who have the same passion is a dream come true.

What is unique about the hobby in your territory?

The Front Range of Colorado is fortunate enough to have 300+ days of sunshine annually. Because of this, we’re able to drive classics nearly year round. The varying terrain of Colorado provides some of the best driving roads in the country, thus attracting world class car events.

Speed has never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary...that’s what gets you."– Jeremy Clarkson

Why Hagerty? What excites you about what we do?

Being a passion-driven company it’s easy to translate that excitement to our clients and vice versa. The classic vehicle hobby is something that everyone should experience. I’m working to become an integral part of the hobby and facilitate the enjoyment of the automobiles with everyone I meet.

Favorite car event of the year

Hagerty Silver Summit