Meet the Specialists

Bryant Kolle
Senior Manager of Agency Sales

Bryant uses his extensive claims background to help tailor coverage for our most unique products. From race cars, to tanks, to retired fire trucks, Bryant can provide a solution to make sure they are covered with our Guaranteed value products. You will most likely find him at a vintage race or military vehicle show connecting with clients passion.

What's your dream car?
An Austin-Healy 3000 Mk II Sports convertible. I had the pleasure of driving one in the Kirkland Concourse Tour after it broke down on a client. My partner and I fixed it up after giving him our Hudson Hornet to continue the tour with. Man, we had fun with that car! We got so many looks and felt awesome driving it!

Who taught you to drive?
My dad taught me to drive at 14. He bought me an '87 Saab and it was a stick shift. He said I had to learn how to drive it before he gave it to me, so he took me to a giant hill and made me start the car from a dead stop halfway up. I stalled it three times, but the third time I smoked the front tires and got it to go. It was the best feeling.

My favorite car memory was seeing my uncle's girlfriend's Pontiac Firebird with the bird emblem on the entire hood. Man, I thought that car was cool."

What's your favorite car memory?
Listening to my dad tell stories from his glory days back in the 60's racing on telegraph, Woodward ave, etc down in Detroit. He had a "sleeper Chevelle " that looked stock but was really built up. It could run low 8 seconds in the 1/8 mile races. Being able to see classics in action at the race track brings back these memories every time I go to an event! I love that about vintage racing, I get to re-live my dad's memories by seeing history racing right before my eyes.