The Austin-Healy Club USA (AHCUSA)

The Austin-Healey Club United States of America (AHCUSA) provides a resource to individual Austin-Healey owners and enthusiasts across the world. Their members' mission is "to share our knowledge of, interest in, and enthusiasm for Austin-Healey automobiles; stimulate interest in and foster appreciation for Austin-Healey marque automobiles; and help our members maintain, enjoy and preserve Austin-Healey marque automobiles."

Membership Benefits Include:

  • Subscription to the award-winning Austin-Healey Magazine
  • A yearly Austin-Healey calendar, which includes information on major Austin-Healey activities
  • The Resource Book, which includes an annual membership directory and information to help you repair, restore, maintain and enjoy your Healey
  • Access to the club’s extensive reference library

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