The Comeback Camaro

Proudly salvaged, sandblasted, pounded and polished by the employees of Hagerty

After 42 years of fast living, 3 past wrecks & 1 bone-shaking crash, the camaro was kaput.
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Because of:

123 passionate employees, 2,750 donated hours, 900 phone calls to track down parts, 4 pairs of torn jeans, 3 tubes of super glue to "repair" cracked fingertips, 215 Lunch breaks worked through, 97 unforeseen costs, and too many four-letter words to count,

1 Camaro SS is restored to its former glory, turning heads and kicking ass.


The employees of Hagerty wanted to restore a classic for three reasons:

  1. To learn what it takes to repair a badly damaged classic
  2. To put ourselves in our clients' shoes
  3. To have fun

We’d originally planned to restore a ’50s convertible. That was before we came across a totaled ’69 Camaro SS.

The Camaro spoke to us. It was a banged-up bad boy, begging for a second chance. The damage was severe, and it didn’t make sense on paper. But it made sense in our hearts.

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The People

Some of us were seasoned mechanics. Some of us had never turned a wrench. For all of us, anything less than 100% just wasn't good enough. We sandblasted and stripped. We pounded, ground and scoured. We primed, painted, installed and polished.

The Great Race

The moment of truth

We're thrilled with how the Camaro looks, but our restoration wasn't just cosmetic. The true test of our work will be on the road. That's why we've entered the Comeback Camaro in the 2013 Great Race. Follow @HagertyCamaro on Twitter.