Reggie Horning

I remember watching my Dad, uncles and their friends tinkering on their cars in my Dad’s garage and thinking how much fun they looked like they were having. My father was a skilled tradesman for Pontiac Motor Division, and we always had something Pontiac out in our driveway which influenced me heavily. Growing up in a small town surrounded by the Big Three in between Flint and  Detroit provided a fertile soil for cultivating a young man’s love for cars. I grew up playing with cars; first it was Hot Wheels, then slot cars and of course model cars, and then at 15 I bought my first car, a 1965 Pontiac GTO project car, and my involvement has not stopped since. There is always a rotating collection of cars in various stages of repair and restoration in my garage and driveway, but you can always count on at least one Pontiac in the fleet. My current Poncho Project is a 1969 Pontiac Trans Am Tribute.

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