Redline Update: Five-window Chevy grudgingly reaches its new home

You know Davin Reckow and the rest of the Hagerty video crew are in for a whole heap of work on the next Redline Rebuild project when the first tool they use is a shovel.

The crew was preparing to pluck this truck from a treasure trove of cars not far from Hagerty headquarters in Traverse City, Michigan. 

The truck was first discovered by Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter while he looked through a treasure trove of cars not far from Hagerty headquarters in Traverse City, Michigan. Davin tagged along during that episode and noticed a 1950 Chevy five-window truck that looked to be worth saving.

Davin’s rescue mission didn’t have a great start, however. In the way was a fifth-generation Thunderbird showing previous rust repair on the quarter panels, and it was nearly ripped in two when it was unceremoniously hauled out by the rear axle. Although the T-bird was parked for less time than the truck, its lower stance and apparent predisposition for corrosion did it in. Davin remained hopeful about the truck, even as the Thunderbird was loaded onto a flatbed and hauled off.

With the route to extraction and resurrection prepped, Davin dug out the truck’s rocker panels so that it too could be dragged onto the flatbed. Ever upbeat, Davin commented, “I prefer to look at is as clearing paths for new opportunities.”

Once the truck was on the flatbed, Davin was able to take a better look, and the project appears promising. The truck is currently residing in Hagerty’s garage, where its six-cylinder awaits the next step. “The truck is here,” Davin said. “I can’t promise anything after that, but we’re gonna give it our best shot!”