This Chip Foose custom 1967 Dodge Charger is yours for the taking

1967 Dodge Charger Chip Foose front 3/4

TV's Overhaulin’  might be off the air, but a certain alumnus of the popular show will soon find a new home. This sweet 1967 Dodge Charger, a custom creation from the mind of Chip Foose, is for sale on eBay and looking mighty tempting.

Overhaulin’ spent 13 seasons on the air, first on TLC and later on Velocity and Discovery, and the show helped many deserving car owners get stalled projects off the ground or write a new story for a worthy car. This ’67 Charger seems to have aged well, but whether it's worth $149,950 remains to be seen.

The Dodge starred in season 3, episode 19. The owner inherited the car after his father’s passing, only to find he did not have the resources to finish the car alone. Foose and the Overhaulin’ crew stepped in to finish the car and save the day.

1967 Dodge Charger Chip Foose wheel
1967 Dodge Charger Chip Foose Overhaulin' SEMA Car rear 3/4
1967 Dodge Charger Chip Foose Overhaulin' SEMA Car low grille shot
1967 Dodge Charger Chip Foose Overhaulin' SEMA Car grille badge

Built at the 2005 SEMA show, this one-of-a-kind muscle car received a full rebuild in front of a live audience. A crate 426-cubic-inch Hemi lives in the engine bay, under a functional shaker hood. An automatic transmission, paired with a Gear Vendors overdrive unit, routes power to one-off Foose wheels

Like many Overhaulin’ alumni, the Charger wears custom paint. The finished product was even popular enough that Revell created a plastic model version. The exterior is a bit flashy, but the interior counters that with an understated tone. Cobra seats and aftermarket gauges are nice add-ons, but otherwise the build retains a stock look.

Barrett-Jackson auctioned the car in 2017 for $121,000, and since then it is claimed to have covered just 455 miles since its time in the limelight. The line of cars waiting to get into Chip Foose’s shop isn’t getting any shorter, so this might be the quickest way to a Foose custom.