What is your favorite car song?

George Harrison shows off the Philips Auto Mignon turntable in his 1965 Jaguar XKE.

We recently dug into the history behind Bruce Springsteen’s Pink Cadillac and noted that Natalie Cole also released a popular rendition of the song, which sparked a debate about which is better.

That got us thinking: What’s the best car song, and who performed it best? Our office discussion brought out some great tunes, but we want to hear from you: What’s your go-to car song while taking a cruise?

A great many artists have written tunes that mention cars both old and new. A particular automobile might be a part of the story, or it may be the story itself. Take the Beach Boys’ 409 as an example of the car being a cornerstone to the tune. Those three numbers put the Chevrolet big-block’s 409-cubic-inch displacement into the vocabulary of even the most car-averse household.

For every Mustang Sally, there is a song that just mentions a car, like Life’s Been Good by Joe Walsh, who included lyrics about losing his license behind the wheel of a Maserati.

What’s your favorite and why? Share your favorites below.