eBay Find of the Week: 1966 Impala Wagon and Shasta trailer

1966 Impala Wagon and Shasta trailer

1966 Impala Wagon and Shasta trailer

The classic car hobby is about experiences. Some enjoy collecting as many classics as they can afford, some love the restoration process, some even manage to make a bit of money along the way. But there’s nothing like a family road trip—a long cross-country adventure, seeing new places and meeting new people, and making memories to last a lifetime. Those are the drives that we remember long after the cars have moved on to their next owners.

What better way to answer the call of the road than taking a nostalgic trip in a vintage station wagon and a matching camper? That’s the promise of this week’s eBay find.

The trailer is a retro Shasta Airflyte 12, itself a fairly rare unit, with only about 100 built. The one-year-only camper was built in 2009 to look like a vintage model but with some modern upgrades. It is a small, lightweight trailer that appears period correct and is color-matched to its tow vehicle, a 1966 Chevrolet Impala wagon. Since the original Airflyte was introduced in 1961, this combination would have been a fairly common sight back in the day.

The family wagon has a nice, clean look, and it was upgraded, according to the seller, to optimize reliability and trailering capabilities. Fuel injection, upgraded cooling components, and an air-ride suspension are included in the comprehensive list of updates.

This is an attractive duo, and we can understand why the seller wants to keep the two together. Let’s hope the next owner keeps them that way and makes some fun family memories.