Classic cruisers serve as community outreach tool

The Seattle Metropolitan Police Museum only restores authentic/original police cars from the agencies each car represents. The cars are designed to foster public interest in the historical, cultural and technological changes that have occurred in Seattle area law enforcement over the past 60 years.

When these vehicles are introduced to the public, their presence in the community bridges the gap between the police and the communities they serve. The concept of preserving police history in this manner is a cost-effective public relations tool for the police agencies involved and is a dynamic way of connecting with the community, especially those citizens who have not always had positive interaction with the police. 

With 500-1,000 people per day approaching the officers that drive these vintage police cars and engaging in positive interaction, there is no other proven community outreach method that comes close to the amount of positive media coverage and public interaction that these vehicles provide. It is critically important for police officials in 2014 to recognize the importance of maintaining their history and learn how to collaborate with private entities to accomplish the common goal of educating the public about "their police." This is a perfect mechanism for achieving that goal, at no cost to taxpayers.

—Officer Jim Ritter
Seattle Metro Police Museum