5 October 2011

Our Cars: Independent Agent Rick Munday's 1968 Olds factory drag car

Independent Agent Rick Munday is lucky enough to own his dream car – a 1968 Olds factory drag car that was never intended to be sold to the public.

Agency: Munday Insurance Agency

Years working with Hagerty: Since 2005

Car: 1968 Olds factory drag car

Background: My ’68 Olds is my dream car. It belonged to Victor George Oldsmobile in Grand Blanc, Michigan, and is a factory drag car that was never meant to be sold to the public. It is the only F-85 W-31 that exists because all of the dealers were told to destroy them when they were finished racing them. Victor George did not comply. This is a no-option, radio delete car. The antenna is still under the front seat and they never drilled the fender to mount it. Its Ram Rod 350 engine means this car is very fast and drives like a dream. It has 19,992 actual miles and has been in my family for 27 years.

Why this car? Did I mention it’s an F-85 W-31 with a Ram Rod 350 engine? Also, it held the record in E class drag racing.

Repairs and modifications (planned or completed): I did a frame-off last year. We did nothing to the body, meaning that we had to be really careful not to damage the paint.

Hobby activities (clubs, events, etc.): My favorite hobby activities are car shows and cruises like Back to The Bricks in Flint, Michigan.

Favorite drive: To Frankenmuth, Michigan, for the local cruise and show.

Best and worst moments: I haven’t had any bad moments, just good times seeing friends and making new ones. My favorite moment was when I placed the Olds in the Scholz 25th Autofest and won Best of the Best. They announced how rare my car is and told attendees to be sure to get a look at it.

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    Mike Bangor pa July 16, 2013 at 20:17
    You may not believe this but I actually have one of these cars. So you don't have the only one. Mine was bought by the guy who raced it from the dealership. Then I bought it off him many years ago. It's been sitting in my garage since.
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    gearith burkhart lombard ill October 17, 2013 at 22:12
    I have a 1969 olds 442 holiday coupe , it has radio delet , no power steering , drum brakes , dealer installed air bags , and a 466 dealer installed gear . Factory Hot Rod ? This car is nice , it shows 9000 miles on the speedo . I was told the car has sat in the garage for the last 30 yrs . Looking for docs , any ideas ?
  • 3
    Larry United States February 26, 2015 at 10:28
    I bought a red 1969 f85 with a W-31 4speed 488 gears from Holiday Olds in Buffalo NY in 1970. It also was a factory race care that only had 800 miles on it. No options at all. It was fast but not a real pleasure to drive. I sold it 3 years later to a young kid.
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    ted taylor hawaii March 25, 2016 at 08:48
    w-31's were put back on the lot after being raced-this guy has no idea what he is talking about

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