Mustang Madness

As a Mustang enthusiast, you want to get your hands – and eyes – on everything Mustang. We put together the following resources to help you do just that:

Mustang Museum

Telstar Mustang - Shelby - Cobra Museum
Jerry Regynski
1300-1400 S. Kimball St.
Mitchell, SD 57301


Mustang Monthly
Mustang Enthusiast
Mustang Car Shop Manual
Mustang Monthly how-to
Hot Rod Magazine Mustang ... Yearbook
Fabulous Mustangs & Exotic Fords
Mustang and Ford Trader

Web sites

Mustang World

All Ford Mustangs

Mustang Heaven


Muscular Mustangs


Original Mustang 1967-1970 (Original Series) by Colin Date (Hardcover - Oct 15, 2006)

Shelby Mustang: Racer for the Street by Randy Leffingwell (Hardcover - Nov 10, 2005)

Standard Catalog Of Mustang 1964-2004: Celebrating Mustang’s 40th Anniversary (Standard Catalog of Mustang) by Brad Bowling (Paperback - Jan 30, 2005)

The Story Of The Ford Mustang (Classic Cars) by Jim Mezzanotte (Library Binding - Jan 2005)

Mustang 2005: A New Breed of Pony Car (Launch Book) by Matt DeLorenzo (Hardcover - Nov 12, 2004)
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