Restoration Tale: 1969 Camaro Z28 Rally Sport

I bought this car in April 2000. It wasn’t a bad car, but was a little rough around the edges. I had a 1970 LT-1 engine in it that was, of course, not correct. In November of the same year, I located a 1968 block and we built a correct 302 for the car.

The car retains its original transmission and rear end. The carburetor, radiator, non-dripper valve covers and air cleaner are all original to the car. When I bought the car, the previous owner installed a pair of new old stock quarter panels. All other sheet metal is original.

As the car is an earlier Z/28, it has the 7000 rpm tachometer, short spoiler, flat hood and walnut steering wheel. I have the standard dark-green interior, which is all original except for carpets and the dash pad. While not keeping the car 100 percent original, I have all the parts to make it pure stock in one weekend. All speed equipment is basically vintage with period-correct parts.

It sometimes becomes hard to find the old parts that are still usable and safe. The Goodyear L6O/15’s in the rear are 30 years old and new old stock – very hard to find! Body and paint is laser straight with much time spent in the cowl and door jam areas. It took about one year to complete, but I’m always upgrading and improving. When I attend shows, I always have my granddaughters and family along.

Many thanks to Hagerty for having a no-hassle insurance policy!

– Sam Scardino