12 December 2016

eBay Find of the Week: Mmmm, boxy goodness


Few people fantasize about gray mid-80s Volvo sedans — especially the “grandpa car” 700 series. But this Volvo 760 Turbo is a clean, low-mile example that has us drooling on our keyboards. We like unmolested cars, and if you add a rebuilt original amplifier (the previous owner fixed it in order to keep the original factory stereo), we’re hooked. There are over three days left in the auction and the reserve is already met, so there must be more likeminded folks searching.

The 700 series was an updated version of the legendary 200 series and shared many mechanicals. They were staid in appearance and maintained the brand’s traditional rear-wheel-drive layout, and they, too, have solid reputations for reliability and safety, though the 2.8-liter “PRV” V-6 is oft maligned. The 760 Turbo, however, with its tried and true 2.3-liter “red block” four, was blessed with a hint of quickness (well, by 1987 standards, 0–60 mph in eight seconds was really fast) and good handling, with more luxury than their predecessors. Available as a sedan or wagon, these cars built on Volvo’s extant reputation and expanded it to include refined performance. As ubiquitous as these seemed back then (depending on your whereabouts), they are now quite rare in this condition. We suspect this 760’s new owner will have some great fun and enjoy a lot of smiles for a reasonable sum. The Prancing Moose sticker is just a tasty bonus.

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    David Riedle Perry, MI December 14, 2016 at 17:37
    Wow! That's my car! It's actually about 7.5 seconds to 60, which was wicked fast in the 80's!
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    John Burrows Ohio December 15, 2016 at 11:16
    The seats in this car were rock hard.My family and i took a 600 mile trip and had to stop every so often and walk around to get the circulation going again in parts below the waist.This was true for front and back seats.
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    John Houston December 23, 2016 at 15:06
    I owned a four-banger 92 Volvo 740. I drove it 320,000 miles. I had a joke wondering which one of us was going to die first, me or the Volvo. It would have gone 600,000 miles if I had not driven it 75 miles without water. Quite frankly, it drove well without water as long as I was moving 70 mph. It is only when I stopped that the engine seized.

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