2017 Hagerty Hot List



TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (MONTH DAY, 2017) – Although automakers are firmly focused on the future, 2016 saw [record auto sales]. And surprisingly, it wasn’t electric or self-driving vehicles leading the charge. SUVs and light trucks accounted for [more than] half of all auto sales. Hybrids and pure electrics, still a blip in overall sales, [lost some market share] as customers continue choosing traditional powertrains.

As manufacturers continue pushing boundaries during this modern golden age of automotive performance, it begs the question: Will any mass-produced vehicles built today withstand time and emerge truly collectible in enthusiasts’ eyes?

With a deep understanding of the market, the collector car experts at Hagerty released their annual list of vehicles that stand out as likely collector cars within the next 25 years. In order to be considered for the “Hagerty Hot List,” the vehicle must be produced within the 2017 model year with an MSRP of less than $100,000.

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The 2017 Hagerty Hot List [preliminary]:

  1. Geely Emgrand [What is the USD/Chinese Yuan exchange rate?] – Relatively unknown in the U.S. but gaining traction, the Emgrand is a celebration of China’s progress in automotive technology. Styled by Peter Horbury (former Volvo VP of Design), its crisp lines fit like a finely tailored Chinese suit. Additionally, the optional three-cylinder engine is sure to win over any skeptics with its wide, 92-horsepower powerband.
  2. Buick Encore – Has a name ever been more fitting? Built on the shoulders of the great cars before it (think GSX, Riviera and GNX), the Encore is Buick’s response to the buying public (and tons of people in China) shouting “WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE!” Terrific in beige!
  3. Fiat 500L – While this isn’t the model based on Mazda’s Miata (that’s the 124 Spider), we know that sometimes you need a bit more room. Or even a lot. The driving experience isn’t the main attraction here. The fact that it is Italian, plus its ability to haul a bit more than a small Kia SUV, is the draw. [NOTE: Because we are calling it “Italian,” should we/do we need to call it “sexy” too, or are those synonymous?]
  4. Kia Sedona – And speaking of Kias… The Sedona has even more room than the 500L. But where the Fiat excels at hauling, the Sedona is all about the driving experience. It’s well known that some of Kia’s engineers did exchange studies in Germany, and the Teutonic approach to handling is obvious in the Sedona. Also, it’s SUPER comfy!
  5. Toyota Prius – Saving gas? Check. Self-righteousness? Check. Won’t rile anyone up? Check. The Prius is a guaranteed classic, as already evidenced by skyrocketing prices for the first-gen cars. [NOTE: Mark in Claims says diesel pickups “roll coal” on him all the time, so we need to revise our language on riling/not riling.]
  6. Chery A13/ ZAZ Forza – Another gem from China, the Chery A13 is co-branded in Ukraine under the ZAZ badge. Even better, it’s coming to the U.S. for 2017. The Tesla Model 3 may be receiving all the attention now, but this blend of Chinese ingenuity and Ukrainian build quality, which features patented extra thin steel, is sure to please. The handsome beige interiors feature genuine simulated leather that Chery claims is thicker than steel!
  7. Chevy Captiva – Fortunately, you can still buy a badge-engineered Saturn crossover. The car is made from parts found in and around the Detroit metropolitan area, and the LT2 trim is available pre-rusted. The Captiva’s price is the real selling point here and guarantees its exclusivity, as only the most frugal will be held “Captiva” by its charms. Get it?
  8. VW Passat – There’s actually a lot of science out there to counter the accusations that Volkswagen circumvented emissions tests. Seriously, Google it. But even if they did, everyone knows that “Passat” comes from the Old High German “päßæt,” itself a relic of Old Saxon, which roughly translates to “Pshaw.”
  9. Mitsubishi – [model TBD: check with Legal to see if they are still in business. Who suggested this one? What’s the over/under on Pam in accounting? Enough with the damn Outlander, Pam!]
  10. Jeep Renegade – This Jeep is based on tough Fiat internals, forged in the exacting mills of sexy Italy, and it has the style to match! Off-road or around town, you’ll never say “Fix It Again, Tony!” as long as it says Jeep on the front.