15 December 2015

Santamobiles: The top five cars in St. Nick’s garage

We’d like to think that Jolly Old St. Nick spends a decent amount of time in his garage the other 364 days out of the year. And while the contents of said North Pole garage are a closely held secret, here are five cars that we think the man with the bag shouldn’t be without:

  1. Tucker 48: Should the reindeer ever go on strike, we think that Santa should bust out the Tucker. With its third Rudolph-like center headlight, it would have no trouble lighting Santa’s way.

  2. C7 Corvette Z06: Santa has to cover a lot of ground in very little time, hence the new Corvette Z06. It was a tossup between the Vette and a new Hellcat Charger, but in truth, we just can’t see Santa being naughty enough to own something called a “Hellcat.”

  3. Jeep Grand Wagoneer: Santa needs room (for his own girth and the presents), and he lives at the North Pole. What could be better than a classic all-wheel-drive Grand Wagoneer?

  4. Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite: Humans don’t get any jollier than St. Nick, and cars don’t get any more gleeful than a smiling Bugeye Sprite. If Santa can fit down a chimney, he can sure as heck squeeze into one of these.

  5. Ford Model A Roadster: The venerable Model A is perfect for Santa if for no other reason than the fact that it kind of resembles his sleigh. And the rumble seat in back is perfect for stashing gifts. We hope that the fat man’s Model A is bit hot rodded, but even stock, it’s the perfect ride for St. Nick.

5 Reader Comments

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    Shilo florida December 23, 2015 at 19:02
    The Model A and Tucker are always welcome in my garage. The Jeep and Healey can live in the carport and the Corvette can park itself on a used car lot with a "For Sale" sign in the window.
  • 2
    Michael Cenit West Bloomfield, MI December 23, 2015 at 20:24
    The Grand Wagoneer is a great pick, not sure about the Tucker, it was a great story, but nothing more than a hand full of hand made cars for a man trying to live his dream, the Zo6 will certainly find a place in automobile dream history
  • 3
    Brian A Northern Michigan December 23, 2015 at 10:33
    While the Tucker 48 is very cool, the Tucker that Santa should own in my opinion is a Tucker Sno-cat, maybe a classic 743 like was used in the Trans-Antarctic expedition. I also think Hagerty should consider insuring these old machines to help out the collectors and restorers of vintage snow track vehicles like the Tuckers, Thiokols, Bombardiers, and others.
  • 4
    Bryan Villiers sub burb ob Buffalo December 25, 2015 at 00:25
    I recently saw a marvelous Tucker display at the AACA Museum in Hershey. PA. And while I was impressed with what a car it was for the time. I wonder how it would have endured in mass production figures with the trunk being in the front and having lift heavy luggage over the fenders. At my age with lower back issues I don't think my back or the paint job would have faired very well.
  • 5
    Larry Naar Beverly Hills, Michigan June 2, 2016 at 12:12
    If my memory serves me correctly, I was 12 years old when my father and I discovered a Tucker introduction at a Kaiser/Fraser dealership in N.W. Detroit. My dad attempted to buy the Tucker but had to settle for a Kaiser.

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