19 May 2015

Classic Classified: 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 "R-Code" 427/425

From: Car Collector & Car Classics

Date: October 1988

Price then: $14,850 ($29,500 adjusted for inflation - about the cost of a new 2015 Ford Taurus)

Price now: $29,700 - $86,800

Approximate dollar difference: $57,300 (assuming No. 1 condition)

Approximate annual rate of return: 4%

1964 Ford Galaxie. 427 cid/V8, red, 2-4 barrels, terror on the drag strip, $14,850.

What a find! 427-powered Fords are rare as hen's teeth and finding one is probably the dream of almost every serious Ford enthusiast out there. For the most  part, the 427 Ford was commonly found sitting under the hood of a special order car intended for use on the drag strip - exactly like the car found in this ad. If this was an original R-code Galaxie, it is hard to imagine the excitement of the new owner when they sat behind the wheel for the first time. With moderate appreciation over the next 26 years, this is still an incredible find.

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    Eddie O'Brien United States May 19, 2015 at 13:35
    It is refreshing to see the big blocks featured. From 1961 to 1965 Ford/Mercury, Plymouth/Dodge, Pontiac/Chevrolet aimed their marketing at a huge segment of the population that was influenced by the Drag Racing results. The rarest of the rare were the Light Weights bult by the big three. Dodge, Plymouth used 426 Max Wedge III with alum front sheet metal and thin steel bumpers, Ford ran 427s with fibreglass body panels. All had stickers that reduced warranty periods, warned of engine failures and came "ready to build" just add cams, carbs and headers. It is great to see these treasures featured on the cover of Hagerty's newest magazine issue!
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    Rich Mickelson wisconsin January 25, 2016 at 22:18
    I have a 1964 ford galaxie 500xl convertible with a R code the car is in good condition only bad they changed engine to a 390 engine it runs great it still has the 427 exhaust manifolds they re-drilled the heads so the manifolds would fit without the 427 whats it worth??
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    wayne wood Lisle, NY August 7, 2016 at 23:46
    Hi Rich I hope your R car is worth 40K because i have a 32,000 mile RED/RED R car with TI and the original 427 in very good condition I hope to sell someday

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