28 April 2015

Classic Classified: 1973 BMW 3.0CS

From: Cars & Parts

Date: May 1981

Price then: $11,000 ($28,200 adjusted for inflation - about the cost of a new 2015 Ford Focus ST)

Price now: $12,200 - $57,400

Approximate dollar difference: $29,000 (assuming #1 condition)

Approximate annual rate of return: 2.1%

BMW 1973 3.0CS. Alloys, air conditioning, classic coupe, sunroof, leather, AM-FM-cassette, 4-speed. Must sell. $11,000.

The E9 BMW has become an icon among BMW enthusiasts. With the success of the CSL Batmobiles in racing, even the 3.0CS has become a sought-after car for those who want a piece of the 3.0's legacy. Even as an 8-year-old car, this was not a cheap set of wheels in 1981 and begs the question of what the listing price would have been if the seller wasn't motivated to sell? 34 years later we see that this car hasn't lost any of its appeal, and although it hasn't gained much in value after inflation is taken into account, recent trends show that not much value was lost either. Considering that these are more enthusiasts' cars, whoever bought this one was likely less concerned with investment than with owning the original "ultimate driving machine."

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    John colorado April 29, 2015 at 18:36
    My dad's 3.0CS was his first of many BMWs to come including a 633 and the state's first 850. I was a fortunate teen with a growing appreciation for German cars, especially the BMWs. The 3.0 was surprisingly quick with a very low 1st gear, sewing machine smooth sweet six cylinder, responsive and classic looking Webers all wrapped in a unique appearance. I enjoyed taking it out on numerous dates and other personal outings. Great memories of a great car. Local BMW dealer purchased from my dad and still driving it today.
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    James Convert Herrera Southfield, Mi. April 29, 2015 at 20:22
    Love you as an Insurer, many years,...But... Uncharachteristic for Hagerty to be so dismissive of a Classic BMW, while choosing to run with the pack, and continue to beat to death, the usual Classic suspects, ad nauseum, the "muscle car classics". They have been done to death, 30 years now. Big Yawn. Get with the Program, present to us, the overlooked cars, like Riviera, Buick GranSport, Gran Prix, Thunderbird, Cougar, Lincoln Continentals, so many others.. Please present to us, something other than the usual Auction favorites, in red, black, and all the usual we see every year, year after boring year. Take the lead, instead of being a Follower. Respectfully, James Herrera
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    Scott Florida April 29, 2015 at 22:32
    ..THE most beautiful production BMW ever made, but then again I am biased as I've had one for 20 years.
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    Tim Blackburn Springfield. OH April 29, 2015 at 23:47
    I'm not sure I understand the point of this feature. Anyone over 40 who has read the major car mags that have any "for sale" listings can cite examples that would be more worthy of time travel......Ya know, like the Ferrari GTO that was listed In a mid '60s Road and Track for $4500. (I have lots of those back issues!).
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    Gene McNeill Cleveland, TN April 30, 2015 at 09:37
    Is the value of my 1970 BMW 2800CS anywhere nar ht of the 3.0 model?
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    Craig Reisser Omaha NE April 30, 2015 at 09:55
    These are beautiful enthusiasts cars, but are more prone to rust than the 2002 series cars like mine. Excellent handling - unlike the straight-line only performance of "American muscle cars." Any potential owner needs to read Rob Siegel's "Memoirs of a Hack Mechanic" as he has a lot of experience with BMWs from the 1970's. In all, a much better 1970's car than so-called muscle cars of the same era. But expect to spend some serious cash in rust repair and cosmetic restoration.
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    Martin McGee Jamaica Queens N.Y. April 30, 2015 at 00:11
    this is the most beautiful car ever made.
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    Brenner Green United States May 2, 2015 at 21:51
    These comments are funny to me because my father and I both love and have owned and collected BMWs of the '70's and '80's and GM muscle cars of the '60's and 70's. I totally agree that the muscle pieces in this publication are redundant, and I also agree that these bimmers are hands down superior cars to any American car made after 1972 and more fun to drive and own, and have a great deal more originality to them than being part of the air-cooled 911 crowd. But the 635csi is space age compared to this thing and totally driveable and tunable while keeping the original look, and in my humble view, that is the most beautiful car ever made.

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