Losses and Lessons: Chainsaw takes a bite out of ’70 Karmann Ghia

VEHICLE: 1970 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

WHAT WENT WRONG: We aren’t sure if fictional lumberjack Paul Bunyan ever owned a classic car, but considering that his best friend was a big blue ox named Babe, we’re guessing ol’ Paul had all the horsepower – oxpower? – he’d ever need. Or maybe he knew that woodcutting and classic cars don’t mix. Take, for example, the owner a 1970 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia who was preparing to trim some trees but wanted to test his chainsaw first – while standing in the garage next to the car. After pulling the starter cord several times without success, he gave one more enthusiastic tug and the saw roared to life, knocking him off balance. As he stumbled, the now-running chainsaw skipped along the side of the Karmann Ghia before he was able to regain his footing and shut it off.

DAMAGE/LOSS: Luckily, the owner wasn’t hurt – other than his pride, of course. The chainsaw caused plenty of damage to the car however, leaving scratches, dents and a couple of deep gouges in the driver’s side door and front/rear fenders. Total repair cost to return the Karmann Ghia to its former self was $1,759.81, which Hagerty paid.

LESSON: Be aware of your surroundings and use common sense when working with power tools. Move valuable objects a safe distance away before starting a large power tool like a chainsaw, mower or snow blower – or better yet, step outside. Most importantly, to prevent kickback a chainsaw should be on the ground when you start it.