22 January 2014

Partnership will help ensure the future of the classic car hobby

The future of the collector car community just got a little brighter. Hagerty and LeMay – America’s Car Museum have partnered to create a new program that supports a national effort to provide funding for hands-on learning in vehicle restoration.  Called the Hagerty Education Program at America’s Car Museum, the program will provide scholarships and educational grants to students and organizations committed to the specialized training of skills and trades vital to the collector vehicle industry.

Carrying on the mission and legacy of the former Collectors Foundation, which was established by Hagerty in 2005, the Hagerty Education Program at America’s Car Museum supports the education of young people ages 14 to 25 and prepares them for careers in automotive preservation and restoration.

Considering on the success of the Collectors Foundation and the potential for greater growth, the boards of directors at Hagerty, the Collectors Foundation and the America’s Car Museum agreed to join their shared visions to eliminate redundancies and more rapidly develop a nationwide program.

“Building on the past work of the Collectors Foundation and an existing group of supporters, we now combine the efforts of Hagerty and America’s Car Museum to provide more and better ways for individuals and businesses to support collector vehicle education,” said McKeel Hagerty, president and CEO of Hagerty.  “Anyone who enjoys the classic car industry shares the responsibility of helping ensure its future for more generations.  This partnership makes it possible for the collector car community to impact a greater number of young people nationwide.”

To find out more about the Hagerty Education Program at America’s Car Museum and how you can help support the future of the collector community, visit www.hagertyeducationprogram.org.

2 Reader Comments

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    J. D. Fredericksburg, TX January 22, 2014 at 18:41
    One phrase in this story struck me: "...the former Collectors Foundation..." Has the Collectors Foundation, which was headed for many years by my friend Bob Knechel, ceased to exist? If so, what has taken its place?
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    Richard Simonds San Francisco Bay Area January 29, 2014 at 08:48
    Grand idea to support the collector vehicle hobby. No mention was made of the long-time and successful 4-year degree in Automobile Restoration Technology at McPherson College in McPherson, KS. Will the Hagerty Education Program support McPherson and the many automobile technology programs at community colleges?

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