7 October 2013

Griot’s Car Care Tip: The benefits (and proper care) of micro fiber

Shopping for cloths and towels to use when caring for your car can be confusing. The available options for fibers, weaves, colors and sizes go on and on! We’re going to simplify the process. For most any task, micro fiber cloths and towels are superior. Micro fiber is lint-free, super-soft, and very absorbent. Its filaments are typically split and re-split into ultra-fine fibers, allowing the cloths to lift and trap dirt and moisture, rather than push it around as cotton does (see illustration). Caring for your micro fiber is easy. Machine wash (only with other micro fiber) using a liquid detergent. Do not add any fabric softeners or bleach. Air dry, or tumble dry on a high heat setting (do not use dryer sheets).

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    Ron So. Cal. October 9, 2013 at 17:38
    Thanks for the recommendation for micro fiber cloths and towels, but I feel you left us hanging. Which is best for washing and waxing a car, the cloth or the towel. What's the difference between a fiber cloth and a fiber towel? Where is the best place to buy high-quality micro fiber cloths and towels? How do I determine if the ones I have now are high or low quality? Hope to get an email back from you with some follow-up. Thank you, Ron!
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    Bob Arper Bremerton, WA October 9, 2013 at 20:19
    Thank you for the information on washing micro fiber. I was not aware that it should be washed separately so I will probably have to hand wash those I use since I would not have enough to justify running them in a washing machine by themselves.
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    gene florida November 3, 2013 at 14:39
    traditional diapers wash easily and do the job. Try k-mart

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