9 September 2013

Highways and Byways: Shelby GT350 road trip, part 1

If you have the courage to just head out on the highways and byways of America in your classic car, you can find great rewards. Tim and Marjorie Suddard, the publishers of Classic Motorsports magazine, are big fans of using their classics this way, and have logged thousands of two-lane miles, both on their own and as participants in organized rallies and tours.

After taking their teenaged kids on a 4,000-mile summer trip to the upper Midwest in their 1966 Mercedes 230S (a journey we shared with you on these pages), the senior Suddards needed a vacation from their vacation. So Tim and Marjorie planned a western jaunt in the 1967 Shelby GT350 that he has been restoring as a project for the magazine. (Read about the project at http://classicmotorsports.net/project-cars/1967-shelby-gt-350)

The first leg of the route would go from San Jose, Calif., to Whitefish, Mont.; and except for the first day’s run up I-5 to Mount Shasta, at the Oregon border, they would be taking back roads through the wilds of Oregon, Idaho and Montana. Once they arrived in Whitefish, the Suddards planned to join a like-minded group for another 1000-mile trek up into British Columbia on the Going to the Sun Rally.

A trip like this takes a spirit of adventure, some carefully chosen tools and spares, and a bit of planning. The latter is made easier because Hagerty’s classic car policy covers this activity and even provided a special rider (at no charge) for the Suddards’ adventure in Canada.

“It helps to know how to work on your car,” Tim adds, “but there’s usually someone in every town who can help if something goes wrong. And we have met some of the best people when car problems occurred.”

So with their car sorted and prepped, and clothes packed tightly (and lightly) to fit in the small trunk of their Shelby Mustang, the couple are off on their 2,500-mile adventure.

Next week we’ll let you know how their journey went to Whitefish, and the following week we’ll take you along as we cover the Going to the Sun Rally.

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    John VA September 11, 2013 at 22:22
    I have a 67 Fastback, that I drive locally. I'm very aware of the comfort factor in these cars. I admire your sense of adventure. Good luck, I'll be following your story.
  • 2
    Cal Las Cruces, NM September 11, 2013 at 11:26
    I'm planning a trip up to and through Colorado towards the end of September in my 1963 For Galaxie XL convertible. The "Spirit Of Adventure" is definitely easier to face knowing that Hagerty is riding along with me, so to speak! Though a little stressful planning and preparing, I'm sure that once I'm actually on my journey it will be great (and hopefully trouble free!) Thanks to Hagerty for providing a great service!!
  • 3
    Michael Russell Tennessee September 13, 2013 at 10:10
    I am the longest original owner of a 67 GT350 - it is a survivor, and is Lime Gold Metallic. It was purchased new on June 15, 1967. I will include a photo from the SAAC 37 Convention at Watkins Glen where we did multiple laps on the track, but i don't know if it will transmit.
  • 4
    paolo Overflow, California February 24, 2017 at 08:07
    I;ve driven most of this route and can tell you it is beautiful. Mustangs are fun to rip around in but the stock seats are horrible to spend any time on. Can I say "ass" here? Yours will go numb and the constant bumping will resulting in the elongation of the tailbone giving you tail. This also afflicted jeep drivers during WW2. Personally I think it makes a great trip an awesome unforgettable trip.

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