19 February 2013

Losses and Lessons: Timber! Tree flattens ’67 Mustang

VEHICLE COVERED: 1967 Ford Mustang custom

WHAT WENT WRONG: Sometimes good intentions turn into “what-are-the-odds” disaster stories. The owner of a 1967 Ford Mustang custom convertible rolled his car into his driveway for a wash and wax. It was an overcast day, and he knew that rain was on its way, but he thought he could easily finish the job and put his car back inside before any drops fell. Then the house phone rang, he ran inside to answer it, and a short chat turned into a deep conversation. In the meantime, a fast-moving storm converged on his neighborhood. Just as the owner ran outside to move the Mustang back indoors, a huge oak tree branch came crashing down onto it.

DAMAGE/LOSS: Fortunately, the owner wasn’t injured, but the car didn’t fare so well. The custom convertible – which had been lowered, shaved and painted with custom wheels added – suffered damage to the hood, roof, windshield, dash, seats, trunk, driver’s side front fender, door and back fender. It was a total loss. Hagerty paid the insured Guaranteed Value of $30,000.

LESSON: Take nothing for granted when you walk away from your classic. If inclement weather is imminent, take a moment and put your car inside. One simple decision could avert an accident.

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    Dave Parish Houston, TX February 20, 2013 at 15:54
    Sometimes it goes the other way - right before Hurrican Ike, over the vociferous objections of my wife, I managed to squeeze her car into the 2 car garage beside my driver and my Triumph Spit6. Even though there were bare inches between vehicles and I had to exit hers via a window, they were all inside when a huge tree in the back yard came down- all its weight supported by a large branch that landed right about where her sunroof normally was. Dodged a bullet! (Until three years later when on Christmas Eve a tall pine snapped its taproot and fell down, tearing off part of the roof of the garage and shattering her sunroof and windshield.) Any more, we just sort of expect falling wood's going to flatten that car......
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    Ron McLeod Birmingham, Michigan February 21, 2013 at 07:39
    In March of 2012, three trees fell on our new custom built garage. There was a quick moving spring storm with high straight line winds. Because the trees were all in one large root ball when they fell, the speed of there decent was reduced. The garage still sustained damage but no punctures. Thanks to the design and overall strength of the construction, our 65 Bel Air on a lift, suffered no damage. Unpredictable things happen with weather, that is why I am happy to have HAGERTY coverage.
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    JC Failla Levittown, NY February 21, 2013 at 08:40
    I was working on my '67 Mustang 4 speed coupe, purchased 07/06/1967 and had just moved it back into garage when pre Hurricaine Sandy winds toppled a 50 foot pine right where it had been parked.

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